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Jan 19, 2014 11:00am PST
quote entitled snowden to take on the responsibility of being the oversight. the whole question who elected you inverts the model, he said. they elected me the overseers. he named the chairs of the senate and house intelligence committee, both of you, dianne feinstein he said elected me when she asked softball questions in committee hearings. mike rogers elected me when he kept these programs hidden. the fisa court elected me when this he decided to act on things they were never intended to do. the system failed comprehensively and each level of responsibility that should have addressed this abdicated their responsibility.
Jan 15, 2014 5:30am PST
the country's general election will go to the square and all that with the second. shoes. its rejoinder to this topic cctv new sign it with baking. and we stop with the iranian foreign minister is continuing efforts to broker a diplomatic solution in this area. reports say mohammed job and salary for a ride in damascus on wednesday morning the talks with syrian government officials arriving in syria in court on all parties to put an end to radicalism and terrorism that's according to syria's state run some unease i can see. before his trip to syria salary had been in jordan on a regional to that already taken and eleven on and iraq he made his jordanian counterpart in the capital of non readers to racing iran's willingness to attend the upcoming geneva to peace conference on syria. the us and russia remain at all it's all weather around the syrian government's strongest ally should attend next week's talks. we hope that did the situation in city of ed can find a peaceful resolution by the city and people would be only people who can result into his cereal and hope that that resolution m
Jan 18, 2014 5:40pm EST
involved in democratic politic. was elected as state senator. and his initial -- as a politician was to dispute the proviso which was a suggestion by an congressman in 1847 that the territories acquired as a result of the mexican war should be organized as free state as opposed to slave states. he spoke out clearly on that at that time. he later became a congressman from his district in west tennessee. and then later became the governor of tennessee. was elected in 1857. ironically succeeding andrew johnson who was tennessee's most prominent unionist. he became tennessee's most prominent successionist. he invoted that power to have tennessee declared in the independence in may of 1861. tennessee never succeeded. as a matter of fact, the declaration of independence as it were tennessee enacted said we're not expressing tennessee on the abstract doctrine of succession. we're invoking or mor ancient right to revolution. ironically he felt like he was vindicating -- by doing so -- in a policy of stance tennessee was bound up in a terrible controversy in the late 1870 and the early 18
Jan 20, 2014 8:00pm EST
. at the young age of 28, he was elected to the severn cisco board of education becoming the youngest elected official in san francisco history. he later became president of the -- of the board of -- of the board of education. it is timely as we enter an election year that is certain to be a very active one with pacs playing a role. a brief bit of history on pacs. they existed on the federal and state level. at the federal level, it was first formed in 1937 -- 1977. in the wake of court decisions including the united states supreme court's decision in citizens united which was rendered in january of 2010. super pacs have emerged. they are able to make unlimited political spending independently in campaign. the money continues to be hotly debated. his ownker will present views on that subject as well as another hot topic from the 2012 presidential election. the impact of demographic shifts on the 2012 election and on future elections. pleased to i am present steve phillips. [applause] >> thank you. i am very grateful to be here. one of the things we created plus.year called pac are things on t
Jan 19, 2014 6:30pm PST
the ball up. and one. watch out. cz u will know what will . the wait that's it. general elections and its outcome the nation's seen a string of attacks on hindu was in different parts of the country especially in the north them to the attacks and religious minorities was zapping people boarding for the other army in the june elections earlier this month said to god as of the jemaah based on the head being tested for the violence. this is exactly the kind of a crisis that many of the baby she's been scared off that led them to stay away from the voting process. lincoln was against the hindus is dying before and after that and the elections. well he was dying just on the nuts who said he got how about something i would sit upon it'd be effective. i don't think that's fun but it is since it was open i'm now sitting on my dentist it has also been linked. some sections of the binding them of guam. he said. on the go it is soo pretty substitution. i'm sort of fun at risk. we should condemn. and the nice couple plain nutty too. since of insecurity in any country. i see all know is that i
Jan 17, 2014 10:00am PST
for it by elections set for july and top with local elections in june the kinsey reports it was a lot of pain korea's major political parties one eight but with every multiple of three lawmakers on thursday by elections will have to be held. lawmakers told to clear their desks were found guilty of illegal electioneering at the twenty twelve general elections. one of the theory was a proportional representative. which means the person next in line to the wing parties for proportional representation take it one automatically assumed her position. but the constituencies pick if we were presented by the two other lawmakers will have to elect a new law maker in july in the six other lawmakers face the possibility of losing their seats and some other unique or inaction during charges are awaiting discovery the court's final verdict. political watchers say the shaken me up to fifteen seats could be up for grabs for them to live by election. by elections are usually held twice a year in april and october. but this year the first by election should be helping to my thirtieth. this is because of a special pr
Jan 20, 2014 6:00pm EST
. >> vincent gray joint civil right leaders in a wreath laying at the king memorial. election in two counties will tilt the balance of power for all of virginia. >> new terror concerns ahead of the live bigs and russia that puts u.s. warships on alert. >> a violent >> antigovernment protests have turned violent in ukraine. thousands took to the streets in opposition to allow public protests. police faced off with people throwing molotov cocktails. >> in sochi, russia, safety concerns are growing. security forces and u.s. counterterrorism forces believe the several female terrorists may already be in the area. on sunday, a video surfaced showing the two men responsible for last month's suicide bombings in russia. the men promised more attacks during the games. the state department issued a travel alert for americans and the pentagon will have ships and aircraft on standby. >> the balance of power in virginia changes on a special election. >> doug hill tells us what to expect with the winter storm headed our way. >> the wizards and the 76ers played. the redskins get another new coach. the inter
FOX Business
Jan 21, 2014 10:00pm EST
to let them. >> what ishat 2014 the election is about. lou: that is what about good reporting is about now, everyone knows this is a mess, people are hurting, a president who lead lied for 4 years about it a administration that gained system, and two-bid contracts. it about time someone including the republican party one would think, or democratic party to degree it has integrity would joining and find out why the worl we can't have a government that works. >> we'll have to be angry enough to turn out and vote. lou: you have to go vote, we're in trouble. because, we're 9 months away from election, republican party is on hat hiatus. >> i think as small business owners shed employees off their health plans, some small busine owners realize they can no longer cover people, more people get dumped on the exchanges, thaleanger level, and heat on the politicians is going up. >>o you see anger out this. >> i see fear that soon will be transformed to anger. lou: we'll take john fund's view on that. >> that i what my focus groups tell me. lou: i am glad they are there on that, you knowt least, w
Jan 15, 2014 8:00am EST
-- also has important. we are about to have a mission in iraq. we only have a short time to for elections to take place. it is going to be an important day in the history of iraq. we need free elections to take place in iraq with a lot of transparency, monitoring, international monitoring, we are a civil society from the international community to take part, week needs elections where you don't have curfew imposed on the people because as you know these two things don't go to gather people want to go to the polls to vote. so this curfew would be an attempt to marginalize some party not to be part of the elections or defraud the process. we know this happened in council of relations when some neighborhoods were forbidden to participate by imposing a curfew, the participation rates were very low and i think this is very dangerous and the political representation would not respect the quality and it will put obstacles on the way of the political process in iraq. it is really a dangerous threat in iraq. i would say it is more important than terrorism because it is the base for terrorism. now
Jan 22, 2014 2:00pm EST
put everybody in a better place. but you can't disregard who we are as a country, which that elected representative represents their people in their district ingoing to represent them. >> absolutely. senator mccain called military industrial congressional complex. in many ways it can be. to that point on reform, if acquisition reform is difficult. as an organization, we obviously talk about defense spending reform. it's something we understand more intuitively entitlement and others being a preface to a lot of that. our belief is you better be willing to police your own backyard before you go to others and say clean up yours. .. we need to reduce that. it's too easy and so that's where people end up going. so we need to be i think getting at the overhead peace is very hard. there are twice as many civilians working in the pentagon has there were ten or 20 years ago and so what happens if you can't get at that is we cut the size of the force and 40 are tied up in the hour people so if you are going to make changes you have to go where the money is so my view is it is going to get a li
Jan 20, 2014 10:00am EST
interest law firm public advocate's and at the young age of 28 was elected to the san francisco board of education thereby becoming the youngest elected official in san francisco history. he later became president of the board of education and served on the board for eight years. our accomplished speaker's appearance today is timely as we enter an election year that is certain to be a very active one with pacs and super pacs playing a role in the political process now a prepaid and history on pacs packs exist at both the federal and the state level and the federal level. the first pack was actually formed in 1947 and in the 1970's, congress passed laws governing pacs including establishing contribution limits. more recently in their wake, court decisions including the united states supreme court's decision in citizens united which was rendered in january of 2010. so-called super pacs now are prohibited from making contributions directly to a campaign but they're able to make unlimited political spending independently of campaigns. the impact of money final two packs a super pacs conti
Jan 18, 2014 9:45am EST
election he had the mandate to privatize social security but anyway, we get very distracted when we talk about republicans so we will stick to the script here. today we are here on behalf of a very interesting, very readable and purchaseable book best ranch in hard cover called dollars -- "dollarocracy: how the money and media election complex is destroying america". and i want to start by opening the floor to john and bob and asking about this word that they calling for the book not plutocracy or anything but "dollarocracy". what does this word mean and why did you go in this direction? >> we wrestled and you know about this, wrestled with the idea of one word title like nixonland or something like that because it is important when you have these debates about elections and politics, so easy to make it complex and say it is all these things. we know what the problem is in the american experiment. most americans want and to some extent think they should live in a democracy. in a democracy the vote matters most but what we argue in this book is we have moved very rapidly in the last 20 to
Al Jazeera America
Jan 17, 2014 5:00am EST
elections and she is not going anywhere. >> absolutely, she maintained that position straight through all of the protests through the shut down this week but then all the protests we saw in late november and right through december. and quite honestly she said and said this several times repeated again as you pointed out that it's illegal for her right now to step down because she is a caretaker prime minister leading to an election period and the election period is set for february 2nd and calling for the election shun to be delayed and said the election date cannot be pushed because so that would be illegal and she will not resign because she is legally bound by the constitution for those two things to stay put and these are the things that protesters behind me and across the city want both of those things to happen, shirley. >> reporter: scott thanks for that updating us from bangkok there. at least three people have been killed and over 20 others injured in a train bombing in pakistan. it happened in the central town in the providence and rail officials say the train was heading south
Jan 19, 2014 11:20am EST
, but we have talked a little bit today about the election of metadata. that we have an enormous amount of metadata that has been collect and on potentially 300 million americans. notes that it has thatorous review process is in place before anyone can database.s these are internal operating procedures. a policy today, which may be followed religiously probably know today could change tomorrow . forwilling to assume, purposes of this discussion with the men and women that work at the nsa have nothing but our and it -- best interests at heart. that might not be the case a year from now, or four years from now, or 10 years ago, or 40 years from now. we've seen this movie before, we know how it ends, if that information stays with government for that long of it will be abused, manipulated for partisan and other nefarious purposes. we cannot let that happen. let's start with professor stone. be something that you would describe as one of the most compelling arguments in favor of putting more robust restrictions a loss so they are not simply in the hands of people? >> this is our right very
Al Jazeera America
Jan 17, 2014 3:00am EST
. >> hello, and welcome to al jazeera in doha. the election campaign in india, but so far he stint named official candidate for prime minister. >>> mass killings and mass migration in the central african republic. the u.n. issues a stark warning. >> the elements are there. the seeds are there for genoci genocide. >> and uncertain future for thousands o deported from saudi arabia. >>> diplomatic activity is intensifying ahead of the so-called geneva 2 peace talks. hosting their syrian counterparts. meanwhile they'll decide whether they'll go to switzerland for the january 21st meeting. secretary of state john kerry has urged him to go, and he has told the assad regime that it remains a center aim of the talk. >> down kerry rejected syrian efforts to change the focus of geneva two from ending the civil war and installing an interim government to end terrorism. i called it an attempt to change history and said it wouldn't work. >> it defies logic to imagine that those who use brutality, how they could lead syria away from extremism to a better future is beyond logic or common sense. >> repo
FOX Business
Jan 19, 2014 2:00am EST
. just before the election. that is dangerous for the democrats. >> it's actually interesting. a couple of fast rrectis. they won't lose the coverage, they will see the coverage change. it has to because of the requirements of the law. >> exactly. >> however, i'll make a prediction for you. a surprise prediction. keep something in mind. individual insurance, the insurance companies have wanted out of that business for years. they don make money. small business, they do make money. you watch. there will be an accord between now and october. mainly for the reason you just raised. nobody wants to go in the election with the issue being a problem. there will be an accord, that will smooth the way so it works out much better than it did last year. >> steve, i wonder if the republicans would want an accord. this coming right before the election. the fact is we have seen 6 million individual policies affected by obacare. we're about to see 40 million people affected by this change, because of obamacare. >> yeah. in terms of an accord you don't have to worry about the republicans or the congres
Jan 20, 2014 2:00pm PST
elections. two months of protests and revealed little in the way of results. some of turn to violence. people tell -- held stones and multi-cocktails, and were responded by tear gas. >> the police have been holding back because we understand they want to provoke us into violence. >> the violent protests were a crime against the state. he called on opposition leaders to and -- and the clashes. >> we are joined by our correspondent kiev. do we know why the president is now willing to talk to the opposition? >> apparently the clashes we saw on sunday deeply impressed the president. the clashes here in camp are still going on. protesters are throwing stun her grades and multiples cocktail at the police. police are answering care suit -- carefully by throwing things back and protesters. it is a deadlock here in gf, neither of the sites one sides -- sides wants to move back. they are not ready for compromise yet. >> as tense as the situation seems to be, what do you expect these talks to produce? >> we have seen such talks, roundtable talks between the president and the opposition leaders i
Jan 22, 2014 3:00pm PST
will be able to survive this. governor christie is a great general election candidate but he is viewed with enormous suspicion by the republican party base. you look on twitter and talk to enough conservatives and they are not exactly unpleased by what has happened to governor christie. >> karen, when you look, also, and you don't know whether something that is politically damaging is legally damaging but certainly some things raised legally can hurt you politically like the pictures of him with the people from the rockefeller group. this group is not being accused of anything, it is the christie administration people people. just the inference that he knows them and is buddies, doesn't it add to the political possible fallout that there was something going on here for a friend? >> absolutely. i mean, look, just remember within the confines of the legal process it may come to the point where he is asked for certain documents or asked to testify in a certain manner. he either invokes executive privilege. he has given us the caveat about what he is willing to participate in. from a legal
Jan 15, 2014 6:00am PST
gridlock in washington and no prospect of that changing dpuring an election year, the president is looking to step up his outside game, moving together with a coalition group with or without congress. >> i've got a pen, and i've got a phone. and i can use that pen to sign executive orders, and i've got a phone that allows me to convene americans from every walk of life. the nonprofits, businesses, the private sector, universities. >> the president describing life without a working congress. well today, the president travels to north carolina's research triangle where he will tour a manufacturing company and announce steps he's hoping to take with the private sector to boost advanced manufacturing. in a speech at north carolina state university, expect to hear this. >> i'll be traveling tomorrow down to north carolina to talk about a manufacturing innovation hub that we initiated, talked about in our state of the union last year. it's a perfect example of the kind of public/private partnership that can really make a difference. >> yes, 13 days before the next state of the union, the preside
Jan 18, 2014 3:00am PST
, but a subpoena went out today to the governor's office itself. and to governor chris christie's campaign for re-election. we were told yesterday that there would be roughly three entities, three organizations who were getting subpoenas alongside a long list of individuals. turns out it is two entities. it's the governor's re-election campaign and the governor's office. which means that as sprawling as this scandal and this investigation have become, they are much more tightly focused than we knew on the governor himself and his immediate staff. this is not a far-flung investigation into how politics is done in new jersey, which is some of the way that it's been covered in the national press. no. at least so far, from what we can tell about the scope of the investigation, this is about chris christie. the subpoena tells the governor's office to hand over all communications of any kind, all documents and records of any kind concerning the bridge lane shutdown, and they want those documents from september 2012 to the present date. not september of last year, but september the year before. all correspondenc
Jan 21, 2014 12:00pm EST
vitter can run without forfeiting his current position in the u.s. senate which isn't up for re-election until 2016. >>> now, because of the wintry weather, a lot of the programs we were planning to bring to you today got canceled. one that was not was a discussion this morning on security at winter olympics in sochi, russia. here's a portion. >> one, and you've heard a lot of discussion of in this the russian press recently in terms of capacity of the security services. they're essentially structured differently from the way that security services in the west are structured. their main goal is regime security rather than public security, let's say. and, obviously, with a high profile, very politically significant event like to olympics, those two things are connected. but nevertheless, i think the goal of the security state that putin presides over and, indeed, out of which putin himself came is very much directed more at inflating the regime from pressures coming from outside rather than it is towards securing the public in general. and i think one of the challenges that that apparatus
Jan 18, 2014 8:30am PST
have the privilege of representing every day. i'm proud of carmen and now she's the elected assessor reported. will you join me >> i am. >> say it slowly (laughter). >> please raise our right hand and repeat after me. i >> i carmen chiu. >> do solemnly firm i'll support and defend. >> >> (repeated.) and the constitution of the united states of the state of california against all enemies. >> >> (repeated.) >> foreign and domestic. >> that i'll bear true awe limitations to the constitution of the united states and to the institution of the state of california. >> that i take this opportunity freely without mental recession and that i will well, and faith discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter during such time as i hold the office of assessor report for the city and county of san francisco. >> congratulations. >> thank you (clapping) (shouting and cheering). >> our elected official carmen chiu. >> thank you. >> i thank you so much. thank you so much for coming and packing into this room it's not as big as the board chambers (laughter) >> i want to thank
Jan 20, 2014 6:00pm PST
you, corine. >> item 6 a, election of port commission officers. >> i am going to pass the gavel to kim brandon. >> i now open the floor for nominations for the port commission president. >> i would like to nominate katz as the next commission president. >> are there any other nominations for port president? are there any other nominations for port commission president? >> are there any more nominations for port commission president? >> seeing none, all in favor? >> move to second, first. >> second. >> i can't second. you have to second. >> second. >> i get to close the nominations. >> i now close the nominations for port commission president. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> commissioner katz has been elected president of the commission. >> we will call for nominations for vice president. >> no, when the nominations... comment on it? >> thank you very much for that nomination and election i'm excited looking to the year ahead, but most importantly i want to thank our outgoing president commissioner wo oho it has been quite a year for the port and she has gu
Al Jazeera America
Jan 15, 2014 10:00am EST
if the constitution is passed and there is a resounding yes vote would this pave the way for fresh elections in egypt? >> that is part of the road map anyway, if you have a big turnout and an overwhelming yes vote, first of all i think there is an indication that the first thing the egyptian population is craving is for stability and getting the country out of the political stalemate. and that of course will pave the way for the now very clear ambitions for general sisi to run for the highest office in the land, and a referendum and support for this new constitution will set this process in motion. >> so it does seem certain now that general sisi will run for president. am i correct in saying that you believe the real problems could start after these elections are held? >> well, there is a lot of other end result issues. the economy is in shambles, a very large political player in the system, whether one likes them or not, muslim brothers have been put out, and apart from being declared a clandestine organization, and they have now been declared a terrorist organization, and they are painted in the c
Jan 19, 2014 5:15pm EST
to fruition that after the tea party swept far too many elections in that year that they began hurtling us for manufacture crises to manufacture crises. every issue, every significant issue, whether the economy, education, health care, civil rights and civil liberties, the environment, energy, gun safety. you name it. infrastructure investments. all of those have come to a screeching halt because of the unbelievable gridlock that their poison has caused. for me as a mom, i am a mom with three and 14 euros a 10-year-old. i have a lot of in the air. you know, so often we'll hear politicians, i am one of them, talk about the importance of any given issue being critical because we have to be ready for the next generation. only i realized that concept is not an abstract one for me. at the next generation in the backseat of my car every single day. as a mom that makes sense. but when you think about it and you i'm sure don't realize this, i count it. i am one of eight women in congress for children younger than 10. when we ask ourselves why the issues that are important to the next generation do
Jan 14, 2014 5:30pm PST
(clapping) you all know how partner of an elected official needs to be so i want to put that out there. mayor ed lee thank you for being here and our kind kind words to continue to grow the words 0 both from the clerkors office. i believe it's important work we're doing for the city and county and we're creating a model for many places around the country and with our support we're able to do that. thank you. again. i want to thank ail the elected officials i see a number of the board of supervisors thank you all of you for believing in us and supporting us i'm not going to name names. george thank you. carmen chiu the newly sworn in assessor and recorders. thank you. again my partner in so much important work we do for the city. i want to call ben roman fold for the hard work between the three of us we handle the lions share for the city and we're proud what we're able to do for the city it's important work but, you know, i don't stand here alone and do the job alone i do it with over 2 hundred folks in the tax collectors office. i want to run detain the great seconds of our office.
Jan 22, 2014 6:00pm EST
lines at the polls during the national election. >> after voters endured liaoning lines in the last election, a commission has come up with recommendations to reduce the wait time. the commission on election administration gave its recommendations to the president today. among the suggestions, expand early voting, expand online voting and registration, and use more schools as polling places. enforcing these ideas will be difficult since no federal commission can force changes to validate. appeared on the verge of can training -- any control on the state senate. the seat mark haring gave up when he became attorney general. if a democrat survives, they will take control of the bridge in a state senate. -- the congressman says he will seek reelection to the house of representatives. he had been considering a run for governor for several months. if he had decided to run he will have gelling anthony brown, doug gansler, and heather mizer as to credit candidates. the forecast,n when we could see snow flowers -- snow showers. all therd sherman, and business of the cold. >> we continue our
Jan 15, 2014 6:30pm PST
that tickets. on monday but he made an impressive debut and in agreement in the elections last month. the protected associations like the look but be that as one of the pit opened and the connection campaign is doomed by the december twenty eight promising to win it but i can do this they didn't know what vinny has accused the top leadership often aren't living on its promises it will go got of him that i'd be doing it on the issue that is issued by the pool. this is one that whatever money it is informative and i made it to see them in the pot on the spot. maybe i'll talk about some of the chemical in it. the digital stamina but it does have a cat or dog of the bama some of the other ups of the mind of the chief minister and his give us any less. addicted to my ftp didn't want any deep and fundamental or to bite me they will want to do but did not pass. one of. rule drinking the milk some of the synonymous with the bia will choose a good one watching him in the yankee lead over the seeking of living with for the dvd charm for many of the vocal but the saudi king. it's the weekend.
Jan 21, 2014 8:00pm PST
voted five to four in favor of citizens united in its casing and the federal election commission. no decision paved the way for unlimited corporate spending and federal elections essentially saying that money is the form of political speech. someone has changed in the last four years since that historic supreme court decision. our team was all kinds of food looked back. for four years ago today the political gain in america change. that's when the supreme court struck down more than a century of campaign finance law and its citizens united decision the new paved the way for unlimited political spending this what we've learned in the last forty years first daily and is in the new malay yet. before citizens united outside election spending was always in the millions take a lot. in two thousand nissan more than fifty million dollars in outside standing by the next presidential election in two thousand ford that increase to nearly two hundred million in two thousand it was almost three hundred forty million dollars now cite spending and that citizens united happened in two thousand.
Al Jazeera America
Jan 18, 2014 4:00pm EST
of the referendum was announced. >> egypt's draft constitution is sparse and the high election commission says the document got overwhelming support, it's passed. >> translation: the total voters is 20,613,677. the voter turn out is 38.6% of the population. the the yes vote 98.1%. 1.9% said no. this is a higher voter turn out than the vote for the last constitution >> the military-backed deposit says the vote showed the support for overthrowing mohamed morsi in july. now that the government has the yes vote, the next step is to set a date for elections. the anti-coup alliance, including the muslim brotherhood described the vote as a sham. the group hailed what it called the historic boycott by the egyptian people, including the youth, which indicates that a majority of the people reject the coup and the constitution. different groups are calling on their supporters to increase their protests to end the coup, despite a crackdown on this end. >> egypt is facing tough times, and analysts say it's unlikely to change soon. >> i think we have patrons when military cues against elected institutions t
election night, 2000, when you lost three jobs. [laughter] so, i mean, the first line in my book is on election night. >> my year was 1980. >> i'm sorry, on election night, 1980, i held a party and nobody came. because by the time of the party, everybody had lost their job. >> you know, and then i i think about i did a big party in 2000 -- >> right. >> -- over at -- [inaudible] >> right. >> and a whole bunch of people, and i thought it was just going to cost this much and we were going to leave when the election was over, and it cost $4,000 more. >> i was on the plane with lieberman, so we were for about an hour or an hour and a half i was going to be chief of staff of the transition for the vice president. >> so close, so close. >> that didn't quite make it. >> yeah. >> anyway -- >> i think of the old days in the '70s. >> right. well, you remember guy. how are you? >> you look thinner and younger and the whole thing. you've really been working out. >> working hard. mr. gibbs, how are you? >> pleasure. >> great to see you. >> congratulations. great book. >> thank you. we're on c-
Jan 22, 2014 12:00pm PST
in the crash driven system, it usually is. only the wealthy can afford the time it takes to get elected, only the wealthy can write the checks to get the campaign started and only the wealthy have the connections needed to finance a winning campaign. affable the mcdonnells felt the pressure to live in the glitzy political lifestyle, one they clearly could not afford. and that's a separate story. what they did was wrong, but does this not speak to why other people don't want to get into politics? >> yeah, i think it's cost prohibitive for most people, especially at the statewide level or at the national level. it's just not a thing -- the regular people cannot do this anymore. and unfortunately i do think people who are sort of average americans that get into office as they get higher and higher are around more wealthy people. and the level of wealth they are exposed to in a lot of cases, i think, causes them to become envious. they want to do whatever they can to get that money, to get that power, to get that wealth. and you start to see things like this. their behavior ispreposterous. even i
Jan 20, 2014 3:28pm PST
with all of his senior people in the midst of a re-election year, it's hard to believe that he knew nothing until january 8th. >> when you announce before you even investigate that you don't believe the subject of the investigation or the person who's the ultimate focus of the investigation, it would seem to me the assemblyman has an ethical obligation to step down, to recuse himself. >> we know today that he said he's not going to do that. he said today on cnn. but it seems to me there's a partisan push from the left to get ahead of the facts. why not, as bill said, wait for the investigation and then do your celebration dance? >> rudy giuliani really should get his facts straight before he goes on tv, because he's just been all over the place on this. first he called this thing a little prank. you know, 91-year-old woman stuck by emergency service with this traffic jam. you know, this was not a prank. but more importantly right now, these subpoenas, this investigation by this committee is bipartisan. every republican voted to issue these subpoenas. >> they want to get to the bottom of it,
Jan 15, 2014 8:30pm PST
the immediate resignation of prime is the election a lot and the postponement of the general election scheduled for next month adding that says the poll will go ahead as planned the prime minister offered to meet with the opposition on wednesday to discuss an election commission proposal to deepen the third generation. however opposition leaders are boycotting the pool entirely and declined to join the discussion. a mike said the election will be held on february sack and schedule it is i shopped for the election. in accordance with the law and constitution the leader of the anti dam in tennessee this extent it's a non expressed his opposition with oliver to ride high enough. i don't know who was at the meetings today. but the people don't agree with holding an election under the same rules in the same old. such an election would allow a vote buying. but drinking. it would be in fuel and confident. justice is around to several government offices in a bid to prevent civil servants from getting too black. he answered them inside which cause the icing on the country's urban middle class would sup
Jan 20, 2014 5:00pm PST
. dissolve the parliament called for early elections do not repeat the phrase to die. the voice of the opposition is supported by the eu says the authorities have only themselves to blame. is this ah the un will have to put toward invitation for brawn to take part in the stores on syria for the country's main opposition group says it will drop out all the negotiations residents said the upcoming conference was focus on tackling terrorism. above all else. mostly from europe and fifty tickets for the kids have this bunch of stories this hour the eye. much of what's to get into gear and the richest in the distance the infection. willie's of old images from a business to send these actual scenes from the ukrainian capital kiev the picture should protest is running a mall angry with the pencils they say are aimed at punishing them for holding rallies response has been fierce mix of molotov cocktails clubs and problems are no reports of this break will be for the police try to stave off the reservation. he insists he isn't here for auntie. i love the word unprecedented steps very well
Jan 20, 2014 5:00am PST
, despite the re-election of a mayor opposed to the project. a chinese court has handed down its ruling in a food poisoning case that sickened people in china and japan six years ago. the court sentenced a former employee of a chinese food company to life in prison for poisoning frozen dumplings. the presiding judge at the court in hebei province said the crime was planned, and damaged the health of 14 people. the judge said it also caused substantial loss to the food company, which had to close its factory. japanese journalists and embassy officials were present in the courtroom. the case came to light in 2008. ten people in japan and four others in china, fell ill with food poisoning after eating dumplings made by tianyang food. prosecutors accused lu yueting of lacing dumplings with a pesticide ingredient called methamidophos. he admitted to the charge in his first hearing last july, and apologized to the victims. >>> the incident shocked people in japan, which imports a lot of processed foods from china. at the time, it became a diplomatic issue between the two countries. >>> japane
Al Jazeera America
Jan 15, 2014 3:00am EST
shield. this is an order for all armed men. >> reporter: let's go to the final day of a new election. protesters anger over the contents clash with security forces. >>> let's look at some of the numbers in this referendum. 53 million people are i believe intelligible to caseligibleto c. al jazeera cairo producers and reporters have been held prison. >> we're starting to see could yous across the country. obviously they had tuesday to start voting but many it a lot owill becoming to cast their vo. there are 47,000 and international ngo's in place on the flip side we've seen pictures going on in other parts of the country. the sixth of october city to cairo. again, we're not hearing of large numbers. people have tried to stage a protest. we saw pictures of the various government yesterday. amongst them, interestingly when we see the egyptian tv channels they plan on making three presidential decrees. one will be the law regulating the presidential king. the second, the exercise of political rights and the third regarding people's assembly. we'll find out what those three laws enstale l
Jan 21, 2014 6:00pm PST
this month, the only two governors who were first elected in that unusual off year election year in 2009, the two governors were bob mcdonnell of virginia and chris christie, the governor of new jersey. they were the only two this year, bumper crop. joini ining us now is rosalyn helterman. so you have been covering this intensively right from the very start. i have to ask you in trying to sum it up that way, if you hear anything that i've gotten wrong or if this sounds basically in keeping with your understanding. >> i think you've basically got it. >> okay, thanks. was there anything in the actual indictment that you were not expecting based on your reporting thus far? >> you know, i think the indictment added a lot of nuance and a lot of details to a tale that we have unfolded pretty thoroughly over the last few months. i think one thing that surprised me and maybe a lot of other people is just how strong the indictment is. we've heard from the governor, for many months now, that he did nothing illegal, as he said again today. and i think many people in virginia were expectedi ining i
Jan 22, 2014 6:00am PST
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Jan 15, 2014 7:00am PST
. >> murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> election of officers of the board of education, as to the board and to the public, this type of election is by voice vote and a second is not need nomination and permissible for a member nominated to vote for him or herself in this election, you will be voting by name, if there is more than one nomination, it is only one nomination, you will be voting by saying aye or nay. >> i declare that the nominations are open for the office of the president of the board of education for the 2014. >> yes? >> i nominate fewer, president. >> thank you. >> any other nominations for president of the board of education? >> seeing none, i am now declaring nominations for the office of president, nominations are closed. sandra fewer has been nominated. we can either do a roll call vote or i would like to make a motion for aclamation. >> is there a second? >> thank you. >> do we, so just general consensus? >> yeah. >> okay. >> so, well, we got a second. >> so, we are good. and seeing no disagreement, sandra fewer has been elected president of the board of education f
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